The Advanced Bus System in Dubai

There is no denying the fact that Dubai has become one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world in a very short period of time. The number of people who visit Dubai every year is increasing with each passing year. One of the biggest reasons behind this immense popularity of Dubai as a tourist paradise is the countless activities and attractions that attract more and more fun seekers from all around the world to visit Dubai.

Dubai is also the most populated city of United Arab Emirates, combined with the number of travelers who visit Dubai for leisure purposes makes it one of the busiest and crowded cities in the region. To meet the traveling and transportation needs of so many people who visit dubai, the city has developed a modern transportation network that not only provides comfortable, affordable and convenient means of transportation to its visitors but also connect other cities of United Arab Emirates with Dubai through its inter-city bus services.

If truth be told, Dubai has a very advanced bus system that is operated using countless busses that provide temperature controlled transportation to the public in extreme hot weather conditions of Dubai. Dubai Government has established Road and Transport Authority that is commonly known as RTA that regulates all types of public transport in the Emirate to provide world class transportation services to the residents and visitors of the city.

Since the establishment of RTA, Dubai has shown phenomenal development in the transportation sector and a majority of areas of Dubai are now covered by bus service. However, increasing developmental works and expansion of the city, RTA faces some challenges to cover the entire city through its bus service.  To meet the specific needs of the city, RTA has made sure that they offer custom built busses to the public that can fulfill the transportation needs of the public effectively.

Considering the hot weather of Dubai, all public transport, especially the public busses are fully air conditioned that offer a temperature controlled transportation facility to the public. RTA has also acquired the latest technologies to operate the bus system in Dubai using state of the art system to provide unmatched public transportation services to those who prefer using bus system to visit different places in Dubai. This has contributed to great extant in the success of bus system in Dubai.