4 Places All Music Lovers Must Visit In Dubai

The UAE is no longer considered a conservative country. If truth be told, the entertainment scene here has the potential to cater to different cultures and tastes. This particularly holds true for Dubai. Long considered the melting pot of different cultures, this beautiful Emirate has gained immense popularity for its diverse entertainment scene and excellent talents, particularly the musicians. Different acts and gigs are being showcased in this city to entertain audiences who are looking for a real good time.

If you are a music enthusiast, then it is highly recommended for you to visit the places mentioned below to soothe your soul:

1. Pizza Express

This place is a must visit for all those who have jazz running through their blood. This particularly holds true for those who are looking for new acts and artists while munching on their famous pizza. Located in the heart of the UAE, Pizza Express is open from Monday to Sunday. However, if you wish to steer clear of the long lines, then it is highly recommended for you to make early reservations and book online.

2. Q43

In case the Monday blues are getting to you, then it is best for you to visit Q43 to unwind and have a great time with some amazing music to tap to. If truth be told, this place showcases a number of acts that can relax your mind help you get rid of all your stress. When visiting here, you should be prepared to get serenaded by the acoustic prowess of Jetlag while munching on the amazing food served with a bottle of wine. Q43 is located at Media One Hotel in Media City.

3. Irish Village

Interested in tasting a bit of Irish culture? In this case, the Irish Village is the place to go. This amazing place is widely popular amongst the younger generation and is particularly renowned for its lake-side setting. The Irish Village regularly attracts a number of people who are looking for a small piece of Irish culture, a lively vibe and amazing acts. It is basically a pub that exhibits a combination of local and foreign acts that play a diverse kind of music – from pop to rock. Let’s not forget, it offers great food along with great music.

All in all, Dubai does not fail to deliver when it comes to the interests of music enthusiasts. Hence, when visiting the city, it is highly recommended for all music lovers to visit the places mentioned above.