Dubai Expo 2020

Expos are great platforms for people to showcase their talents, innovations, and share ideas on a national or international level. ‘Great exhibitions Of the work of industry of all Nations’ was held at London’s Crystal Palace in 1851. Since then these expose are being organised every 5 year which lasts upto 6 months starting from London all the way to Italy and France, crossing Philadelphia and Yeosu in 2012.

Every year, topic is handed down to the selective Nation and approximately  a hundred thousand objects are showcased every year. The most interesting part is that all of these objects are known to be originating from different parts of the world. This time Dubai has been selected as one of the lucky ones where this  expo takes place in near future of 2020.

For those who do not have information about it, the last Expo was held in 2015 in Milan, Italy with the theme of ‘Feeding the planet with the energy of life’. This basically means generating electricity from natural resources which meant sun to be used as a solar panel which would come in handy considering the the height of buildings constructed in this region.

Every year votings are held in order to decide which nation will be the next to organise this Expo and to our delight, Dubai, UAE won with majority of 116 votes, leaving Russia behind with only 47 votes. This lead to a major victory for Dubai and since then, the initiation of the expo has been literally what can be considered a talk of the town.

Winning this high number of votes was definitely a huge achievement for Dubai which was celebrated with Fireworks coming out of Burj Khalifa and Sheikh Mohammed announcing a holiday for all Educational Institutes and offices as a token of appreciation for all the hard work that had just paid off.

So, now Dubai is working tirelessly to achieve the optimum qualities that an Expo must possess And we wholeheartedly wish Dubai the best of luck for its upcoming success, and for it to prove to be worth of 116 votes in invested in it.

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