Benefits of acquiring Dominica’s citizenship by investment

Applying for Dominica citizenship by investment is a process getting popular with the passage of time but this not surprising. There are lots of benefits of having Dominica citizenship and it is more appealing place for people. There are many wealth opportunities and experiences like:

  • You get full working rights and full residence status.
  • You can join global community that go beyond Dominica’s border.
  • This country has global mobility, you get chance to travel more than 120 countries with Dominica passport from Hong Kong to Singapore to European countries that comes in EU and United Kingdom.
  • There are minimum taxation rates including inheritance, gift, wealth, capital gains tax or income tax.
  • You get full residence status, you also have right to live here independently and can work here easily.
  • You can also hold multiple citizenships with Dominica passport.
  • This country welcomes you with open heartedly.

Lifestyle benefits of having dual citizenship:

Well Dominica has become the world’s happiest and beautiful place in the world. Natural beauty of this country has beautiful landscape and wonderful sights and beaches. This country offers a high quality and tranquil lifestyle within peace, safe and beautiful environment. Culturally this country is vibrant and has friendly community.

This is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we should thank to its natural beauty. Beaches of this country are beautiful beaches in the world. This place is blessed with hundred of rivers and waterfalls, the rugged mountains of this country is covered with dramatic cliffs and green.

Dominica has world’s second largest hot spring and boiling lakes. It is a home of some rare plants and animal species including its national bird Sisserou parrot. There are so many consultants who provide you services for Dominica citizenship and also offer Montenegro citizenship program.

Business benefits of Dominica citizenship:

Dominica government offers many incentives and fiscal facilities to foreign investors. It includes import duty, tax waivers, tax holidays and streamlined process.

There are many benefits for business with Dominica passport.

  • There is no requirement of wealth, gift, inheritances, capital gains tax, foreign income, personal income tax for residents.
  • There is no restriction on repatriation of imported capital or profits.
  • Government offers generous incentives packages included corporate taxes and also offer full exemption from import duties and tax allowances.