Tutus – All about ballet costumes

Do you want to a ballerina or ballet dancer? If yes, then you should know about ballet costumes! Do you know about it? No? Then click over here, get the whole article and read it aloud to get all information about tutus, ballet costumes!

  1. Ballet costumes are very expensive. The tutus worn by professional cost $2000 yet the costumes worn by learners can be purchased of $1000. However, there are stores which sell tutus for $20 to $200 but their quality is not what $2000 tutus have.
  2. The tutus are beautiful but they are not as comfortable as your jeans and pyjamas. Dancers find their ribcage is pressing in as if they are wearing corset. Because of Lyrca- the material from which they are made, are itchy and tight. So be careful because pointe shoes are there too to increase the disturbance. 
  3. There are five types of tutus: romantic, pancake, powder puff, bell and platter tutus. What we see in The Nutcracker is romantic tutus. It is long six-layered skirt. Pancake tutus has different Bette and tullus made layers that are hooped together in wire. The layers make a short skirt. Unlike others, powder puff is soft. It ahs layers but not hooked together in wire. Bell tutus have numerous netted layers of different lengths that make the shape of bell. Platter tutus have decoration on first layer. It has flat top. 
  4. Tutus are not made easily. Forty to sixty hours are needed to make an average tutus and three weeks to make a professional one. Besides, nets and delicate material are used. Therefore, you cannot wash them. Usually, people hang them in air and spray freshener. However, if you have vodka then mix vodka and water and spray the mixture on the tutus. It will clean it as well.
  5. 100 yards tulle is needed to make a single tutu. Besides, decorating material, lots of nets, jewels, beads, laces and feathers are needed. 
  6. Tutus has bodice and bodice has hooks’ three rows so that the tutus can be worn by others as well. 

So, these are few basic facts about ballet costumes- tutus. Tutus worn with ballet shoes are the requirement of ballet dancers.

Ballet dancers deserve a lot of appreciation for their flexibility but you, newbies, should know the difficult sides of ballet dance. And this article is written to tell you about those difficult sides. Hope it will help you.