What happens when one who is looked upon reaches out to those looking? What happens when the lookers began to look to each other? What happens when a connection is made through words shared via TheElijahExpress.com/Forum? Contact is made. Friendships are born….and A FAM is realized. This is the 2011 FAM Gathering of the TEElite (TheElijahExpress.com Elite Members).

Once (sometimes twice) a year Pope take time out of his busy schedule to not only give back to those have supported him without cease, but to also spend time with those whom he has come to know personally and bonded with via TheElijahExpress.com. These members of the FAM are referred to as The TEELite: “ Members of The Congregation who visit TheElijahExpress.com often, become familiar with regulars, therefore becoming FAM and a part of what is often referred to as ”Internet Heaven.”

“Recently I had the chance to go down to FL and spend time with a special group of people, whom all I consider friends. We had a wonderful time hanging out and spending an entire day (Almost 12 hours) together, just enjoying each other as we’ve often done via TheElijahExpress.com. I knew everyone…..But more importantly, everybody else knew each other as well. It was great!!! From the sushi table, to Dave & Buster’s, to the bowling alley, and on to Denny’s, the experience was truly a fun one. There was NO POPE…NO FANS…Only a group of friends that were made possible by our bonding via TheElijahExpress.com.”

Pope’s congregation is HUGE, but the title ‘TEElite’ are reserved for few. If you wish to become a part of elite experience, there are 3 simple rules: Sign up to TheElijahExpress.com/forum, visit and become active as possible, and become familiar with those who share the same love for Pope as you do, THEN my friend[s], we’ll see you at the 2012 FAM Gathering, courtesy of OUR Pope.
– TEE Admin

Link: TheElijahExpress.com/forum

TEE Chat This Week…..Be on the lookout for an update!

Congratulations Enrique & Kristy!

Pope is proud to welcome the newest member of Pope's Congregation to the FAM: Elijah!


Congratulations Enrique & Kristy!

Exclusive Interview with the PWR Show

Pope's State Of The Congregation Address: Message to the Jury (YOU)

As many of you are well aware, for a week you have taken part in a 'Round Table' discussion in which we shared our views on Capital Punishment. Here's a summary and conclusion to our week long discussion.

When I posed the question of if one should die for a murder in which she/or he committed, many of you stated, "YES" and some of you stated, "NO."

Pope then asked another question about murder, and placed you as the ultimate decider. I asked what would you do if your loved one was murdered, and the state turn to you to decided the perpetrators fate??? Most of you stated that the person should die for taking your loved one life, while those who don't believe in the death penalty didn't change their view and said no. Some of you even stated that if someone murdered your loved one in cold blood, that you'd want to kill that person yourself. *Hummmm, wouldn't that means that since you agree with the death penalty that YOU TOO would have to be put to death? Just saying*

Finally Pope reversed the question and asked you if your loved one murdered someone in cold blood should they received the death penalty...Well, at this point a lot of the "yes folk" started seeking situational scenario's, while the "no folk" stayed their course. I used the example of a dad protecting his child after finding out they were molested, who then beat the pedophile to death. Many of my "yes folk" then recanted their view and said that the dad shouldn't die as he was protecting his child. *Well, being that Pope was in law enforcement for 5 years prior to embarking on his wrestling career, I can assure you that once a pedophile has been discovered, usually the child is in custody of the parents, which means that there's no danger at the moment. The responsible parent[s] should call the law, allow justice to take it's course, and lock the bastard away. Usually upon this happening, that pedophile will serve more than just hard time in jail/prison, but will be served a dose of 'prison justice' from the other inmates. This doesn't mean that the parent doesn't care or won't be upset, but often realized that by taking the law into their own hand would only make matters worse, and possibly cause the child to be without a father/mother if he/she were to commit a crime against that pedophile, follow me?*


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