Another pointless ECW

I am glad I didn't watch. Just read the results. Hornswoggle vs Armando? WTF. Elijah should have had a match on ECW instead of Hornswoggle. We need The Black Pope to save us from this kind of stuff. We need someone who is not only talented in the ring, but knows how to talk. We need Elijah Burke!

Elijah MIA

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Many WWE Fans have taken notice to Elijah's absence on ECW. We all can hope that he will get drafted to a show where he will get more air time on. Have an opinion on this subject? Feel free to post it in our forum.

Call From ELIJAH!

Want a personal call from Elijah?? Here’s how!!!

This is a message from "The Black Pope" Elijah Himself via his MySpace:


With the upcoming draft, lets all hope that The Black Pope gets drafted to Smackdown or Raw. Preferably SD, where I believe Elijah could get more time on TV. Its really a shame to see such potential wasted. Elijah has had no wellness program violations, yet he still hasn't appeared on TV, when guys like Jeff Hardy are in the main event on Monday Night Raw. Something seriously wrong is happening. If you feel the same, let your voice be heard. Bring Burke signs to WWE events. Post on this sites forum, add Elijah's MySpace.


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