PSW Vol. 22

Greetings to all within the Congregation and to all who have the opportunity to read another edition of PSW. I think that you will agree that whether you're on your PC, Tablet, Phone or whatever device you may be using to access this, that we are all fortunate to do so regardless of how much more or less we may feel we are at in our personal lives. It's in acknowledging what one doesn't have, that you become appreciative of what you DO have. (Lil tricky, but you'll figure it out) More on that later......

From The "You Just Got Punked.....Uh Oh, Punks on Us" Files

I'm sure we all heard about the recent death of of the nurse in England following the prank call made by the Australian DJ hosts to the hospital where Kate Middleton was being nursed. If not, here's a quick summary: "Kate is hospitalized, DJ's call the hospital pretending to be the Queen (horrible imitation btw), nurse puts DJ through to Kate's Room, the prank gains national headlines, and the nurse kills herself. Pope feels sorry for all involved over a simple prank gone wrong. I'm sure no one could've imagined the fall out from such a prank, good nature I personally thought, I mean, who's off limits to pranks these days? But due to the nature of the individuals (Queen, Kate) involved, I can see the flip side as well. But the question is, was it really that bad for someone to KILL themselves over and cause excruciating pain to your family and friends? For me the answer is an astounding NO! But for others, we'll never truly know, but tragic indeed.


Good Day! Pope writes this in great spirit and high hopes as I’ve finally put some things in place that will allow you and me to make a difference in someone’s life this (but not only this) Holiday Season.

Pope is very Grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to entertain the masses around the world via satellite, or live in person, and have never taken any of it for granted. I’ve given thanks on a daily basis to the ‘Big Pope’ up in the sky for the countless blessing bestowed upon me, my family, and friends; yet often times I’m burdened with the thought of those who are less fortunate, especially during the holiday season[s]. Pope now has plans to lighten his/someone’s (our) burdens THIS CHRISTMAS Hoilday:

On Dec 25th, Pope will become “Santa Pope” as he will personally visit and hand deliver A Christmas to a household/person that does not have the means to enjoy such a day as those of us who fortunately can. Pope realizes that times are challenging for us all, but by acknowledging where one is compared to another, Pope also understands that times could be worse. Therefore Pope is asking The Congregation and anyone who wish to support this cause to please make a contribution to Pope’s non-profit PayPal account where all proceeds will go towards funding Pope’s P.I.M.P (Positively Influencing Many People) Movement.

Part two of this movement will call for The Congregation to be fast at work submitting emails, messages to any of Pope’s social media outlet inboxes of the Family, Kid, Person whom you know without a SHADOW OF A DOUBT will NOT have means for a proper Christmas (ie; Lights are off, No Food in house, No Presents or Tree days before Christmas, etc), and what their needs may be.

Please submit their info (Name, Address, Phone Number) for obvious reasons, and THEIR STORY with the word “P.I.M.P” in the title subject. You can also encourage the individual[s] themselves to reach out to Pope. All considered for this will be interviewed/screen in some shape or form prior to the selection being made to protect the integrity of your funds.

• *Limited to Jacksonville, FL and surrounding counties. *
• *Excludes anyone who may be considered Family, Relatives, or Friends of Pope/Elijah Burke *

Pope would like to Thank ALL of you in advance for what will be done, as well as your time, thought, and consideration in this matter. I’ve always believed that if I can make a difference in just one persons life, then job well done, and NOW you can too! With that being said, Pope would like to encourage you to encourage others to be a P.I.M.P!
(If Not You, Then WHO?)

“Changing The World, One Smile At A Time.”~PHS


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