Pope's Spoken Word(s) Vol. 1

Your Host of Hosts and Guiding Light has returned yet again to shine his light upon you. Today however, Pope shall do it in a different manner, and that's by tackling random views at once, which I'll do on a weekly basis. Read, Enjoy and Respond!

MAN, was the whole Michael Jackson Tribute at the MTV Award's Show on point or what? Still hard to grasp MJ not being here with us. Those outfits were "Dangerous!"

Was Pope the only one that thought Janet was "Off The Wall" at the MTV music awards?

Speaking of "Off The Wall," Kanye West must be "Off His Rocker." All Pope keeps asking is, "Why, Kanye, Why......Didn't you wait until Miley Cyrus received an award?

Uhm, why did Jay Leno ask that grown behind man, "What would your (DEAD) mom have thought about what you did?" Sorry Jay, but that was insane, and very uncomfortable for all involved!

Ok, President Obama agreed with the world and called Kanye a "Jack@ss" 'off the record', and folks try to make a big deal out of it...Well #1. He's only Human..and a MAN at that!,and #2. He only said what any sensible person who watched had already determined.

Heaven gained in Michael, and the world gained with the rebirth of Whitney Houston. So glad my girl is back, looking better than ever! Also, she blew like the Whitney of old on Oprah. YouTube it, it was great!

If Chris Brown is seeking to man up to his wrong doing, shouldn't he try dressing like a "man" first? He should be issuing a YouTube apology for wearing that little kids bowtie on Larry King! Seriously People, Seriously!

Have you seen the T.O Reality Show? Those are the WORST actors/actress Pope has ever seen in his life. After Flav, Hogan, and countless others....I know, I know, it's still real to you dammit!

Speaking of "It's still real to me dammit," guess who Pope ran into at the NWA Legends Convention? Pope almost shed a tear.
(Watch My Buddy Here at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjaPlwR-kmY&feature=related)

Until next time, "If you can't CHANGE the people around you, then change the people AROUND you!~ PHS