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TO DONATE: Click the picture below, or the DONATE button below. Thanks for your support!


TO DONATE: Click the picture above, or the DONATE button below. Thanks for your support!

The Love-Alive Charity Inc. is a non-profit organization and public charity classified under IRS Section 501(c)(3). The Love-Alive Charity Inc was created to improve the quality of life for the homeless, displaced families, and disadvantage communities through humanitarian efforts. The Love-Alive Charity Inc or also known as T.L.C mission, purpose and duty is to concentrate activities on individuals, communities, neighborhoods and families that are impoverished, low-income and in need on a local level, mainly in Jacksonville, Florida.

To learn more about The Love-Alive Charity, please continue reading below.

The Love-Alive Charity Inc was formed based on a vision of professional wrestler, actor and motivational speaker Elijah Burke, a native to Jacksonville, FL who grew up in neighborhoods in which practically every corner was residence to a homeless person. Often on his way to school, he would have to walk around a homeless individual sleeping on a storefront or begging for food. He felt bad for them as he understood their pain and made a promise to himself to some day make a difference.

Many fans from around the world would chant “Pope Is Pimping” based off of his TV Character whenever he entered an arena. The chant for Elijah meant that he was "Positively Influencing Many People" in which the basis of such was used to create The Love-Alive Charity Inc.

From Elijah:
"It is My Hope (and hopefully that of yours) to one day have this movement grow into a worldwide charity organization, but much like the many that are currently established, they all need one thing to make their goal a reality, and that’s finances. My team and I have established a PayPal account in which you can donate to this cause. Your money will not be on an automatic renewal as this is a one time donation, but I encourage you to donate as many times as you can."

"I sincerely encourage you to be that person, that ONE PERSON to say, “I will support this movement.” You will be notified via Pope’s Website and Social Media of ALL activities involving your funds. This IS NOT for Pope…. This is FOR THE PEOPLE! It is MY goal and purpose to “Be The Change That I Wish To See In This World” and hopefully you along with Pope will Positively Influence Many People to do the same. ~PHS"

"If you wish to help, you can donate ANY AMOUNT (1 dollar helps) towards The Love-Alive Charity (T.L.C) by clicking the following link:
(copy and paste into your browser if it doesn't work).
There is no limit, great or small in which one can contribute, please act upon this and lets Positively Influence Many People. ~PHS"

**The Love-Alive Charity Inc. is a non-profit organization and public charity classified under IRS Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170.**

PSW Vol. 22

Greetings to all within the Congregation and to all who have the opportunity to read another edition of PSW. I think that you will agree that whether you're on your PC, Tablet, Phone or whatever device you may be using to access this, that we are all fortunate to do so regardless of how much more or less we may feel we are at in our personal lives. It's in acknowledging what one doesn't have, that you become appreciative of what you DO have. (Lil tricky, but you'll figure it out) More on that later......

From The "You Just Got Punked.....Uh Oh, Punks on Us" Files

I'm sure we all heard about the recent death of of the nurse in England following the prank call made by the Australian DJ hosts to the hospital where Kate Middleton was being nursed. If not, here's a quick summary: "Kate is hospitalized, DJ's call the hospital pretending to be the Queen (horrible imitation btw), nurse puts DJ through to Kate's Room, the prank gains national headlines, and the nurse kills herself. Pope feels sorry for all involved over a simple prank gone wrong. I'm sure no one could've imagined the fall out from such a prank, good nature I personally thought, I mean, who's off limits to pranks these days? But due to the nature of the individuals (Queen, Kate) involved, I can see the flip side as well. But the question is, was it really that bad for someone to KILL themselves over and cause excruciating pain to your family and friends? For me the answer is an astounding NO! But for others, we'll never truly know, but tragic indeed.

PSW Vol. 21 "Moving On Up" RIP Sherman Hemsley


Unexpected? Maybe. But Not Tragic, Accidental, or necessarily Untimely. It was just 74 years of living life and leaving a mark on all who encountered him in person or via television. Rest don't come easy nowadays, but after his life long body of work, he's finally getting that rest as it was reported that he slept away peacefully.

Since Pope was a lil kid I was always entertained by the genius of Sherman Hemsley in his multiple roles on different TV shows; However regardless of what show he was on, or wherever he may have appeared, the only name he truly ever had was that of George (Mr.) Jefferson, which only is a testament to the life he gave to a groundbreaking character that changed the perception of African American men being constrained to the ghetto, and creating an image of hope and life of a black man rising above the status qou in classic rags to riches fashion.

Funny because Pope knew of a man that reminded me of Mr. Jefferson, and his name was Mr.Burke. I'll never know if this guy inspired Pope's father (because they're story is all to similar,) but I'm sure that Mr.Jefferson has inspired countless of others regardless of their nationality. Obviously he inspired Pope! Hell, it was almost a year ago that Pope incorporated one of Mr.Jefferson's classic lines into his promo as I called Matt Moegan and Crimson "Two of the biggest and dumbest "'Honkies"' that Pope has ever seen." Lol, classic Mr. J!

So with all that being said, Pope's not saddened by Mr.Jefferson peaceful exit from this earth as 'a plant will grow from a seed in the ground, and blossom in something amazing, and then when the time is right, it will wither and return into the very ground from which it came.' It's only a sad thing when the seed never got a chance grow, or something amazing was cut way too short way to soon....Mr.Jefferson was NOT the latter seed.

I've celebrated such Mr.Jefferson's genius 10 years ago by acquiring the entire collection of The Jeffersons (and All In The Family for that matter) on DVD, but today I honor his legacy. RIP Sherman Hemsley 1938-2012

"I'd rather live my life in such a manner as if there is a God, to die and never awaken; than to live my life like there is no God, to die, awaken, and find out there is!" ~PHS

Pope's Spoken Word(s) Vol. 20


So, Pope came cross an interesting read and decided that maybe I should share a lil, "Pope's Spoken Words" today. Now, right now there's some HUGE hating going on, so I thought I'd see how many within The Congregation felt about one........ Tim Tebow.
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